30 de octubre de 2014

overjoyed distance

You say I'm not going anywhere without you.
But I'm already gone.
You forgot I can't breathe underwater.
And I won't be able to hold myself at the edge.
Not a chance to survive when you look away.

[It's alright, it's alright, it's alright.]

14 de octubre de 2014

do you ever hear me calling

you're not a touching poem.
                                                  you're not the first teadrop.
you're not a wild flower.
                                                  you're not the last sunshine.
you're not a painful song.
                                                  you're not the moon
                                                                                   (in my darkest nights.)
you're not.

 [you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away]

9 de octubre de 2014





6 de octubre de 2014


I'm drawing my pain in my sheets with the tears I'm wasting for you.

You and me. We're just alike. We're both selfish and we're incomplete.
We hurt (not just ourselves).
We lie (not believing what we're saying).
You. Never with your feet on the ground.
Me. So far away from anybody or anything.
You. I wish I'll never open my eyes again.