31 de enero de 2015

you, surrounding me

how do i tell you
that i miss you
without make you think
that i need you
                        [maybe i do need you
                                                     but you don't need to know]
is it that easy
to look into my eyes
and get over the storm of feelings
and sounds
that my lips are looking forward to

can you hold my hand
for a moment
and put your arms around
the sorrow
or can you do it forever

how do i tell you
that i don't love you
                               [i don't even want you
                                                             see you try]
that what i need
is emotion.

30 de enero de 2015

cada milímetro parece una prisión

i want to stop breathing
and start living

i don't mean anything
if you don't know
i exist

we are a milimetre apart
and i'm screaming
to you
how much i want to
hold you

don't act like you
don't see me
because i remember
your eyes
aching in my skin

29 de enero de 2015

you leave

I get left behind; by
by you,
by everyone.

Not a big surprise

I have never
believed in
happy ever after.

I am
the biggest
and I
always be

27 de enero de 2015

inside an ink stain

i bet you want to play
i bet you want to risk it all
tell me everything
as you set yourself free

i bet you want to fight
i bet you want to put your hands
around my wrists
around my neck
and hold it tight

i bet you want to sink your claws
in my chest
and rip off my heart

i bet you want to...
i bet you want to bite into my stomach
and destroy every single little thing
that i've ever felt

i bet you want to scratch my lips
until they bleed
the words
i never said to you

i bet my life, yes,
i bet my life you are dying for
lick in my ear
every thought
you can't say
out loud.

22 de enero de 2015

where did i go wrong

I'm tired of
for nothing.
I am me
but i don't know
who we are
How can I
move on?

10 de enero de 2015

young blood

The doubt in your eyes fills my lungs with bitterness as mine reach your lips wanting them to approach to me, feeling the sparkles and the heat in my heart. I take your hand carefully but tight like you were going to dissapear. Your taste is in my mouth now, and every cellule in my body notices it, electricity is what we are, is what we feel. You are in every breath, you leave traces in all of me, inside and outside. We're trying to say I'm not longer myself, I'm yours every time our bodies touch or our eyes find, full of light, full of hope. We are saying without words what we can't speak out loud; we're afraid of doing it because it will make things too real; now this feels like a daydream.