28 de febrero de 2015

now i'm walking away

Your heart beats
between your lies
your head spins
i say goodbye
your chest hurts
i wasn't nice
your eyes heat
i don't come back

by your own

27 de febrero de 2015

i just can't wait for love to destroy us

I dreamt about you
your secrets
your dark wishes

your eyes are
full of lies

how much do you
want me to
unchain you
from the place
you don't belong to

how much are we
going to wait
to drink our pain
from each other

26 de febrero de 2015

I still can feel
your hands
running through
my arms and
my back

and the taste
of glory
and honey
of your lips

and the galaxies
behind your
closed eyes

you were
what i waited
inner storms
sweet fireworks
clouded choices

25 de febrero de 2015

with the devil in your eyes

no pierdas el tiempo

no me mires
si me ves
y no me toques
si me sientes
porque tu aliento
destruye mi castillo
de arena y soledad
porque un suspiro
es una tormenta
de acero helado

déjame libre

24 de febrero de 2015

You don't want to remember,
you made yourself clear
refusing to look at
the mess you had made.

Time puts evertything
on the right place
but you unlocked
that door
and you went through it
like an huricane.

You destroyed

23 de febrero de 2015

go off

tendré que cerrar
con grapas
lo que tus palabra abrieron

no hay amabilidad
en tus ojos,
ni sonrisa
en tu mirada,
solo ganas de venganza
que te desvela
cada noche

22 de febrero de 2015

don't get it twisted

take my hand
not my heart

you don't own me
i'm not yours

kiss my lips
not my wounds

you won't fix me
you are not my saviour

i'm my own heroine,
this is my story

21 de febrero de 2015

20 de febrero de 2015

days of ashes and nights of flames

de tanto mirarnos
perdimos las lunas
en decirnos las cosas
que quisimos decir

ahora no hay espacio
para vagos recuerdos
pero vente conmigo
a perderte en la niebla
de este amanecer
entre las calles
que aún respiran
nuestros deseos

18 de febrero de 2015

we wrote our names in blood

do you want me
to break us?

do you want us
to fall apart?

we might
fall again

but a thousand
in my mouth
won't let me
your name

so you better
run away

16 de febrero de 2015


fúndeme las entrañas
hasta que vuelva a ser polvo
hasta que nosotros,
como amantes de hierro,
como esculturas en mármol,
nos perdamos
en el murmullo
del aire

13 de febrero de 2015


you make me feel more

the touch of your

every word that you've
ever said to me
my tongue has saved it
to spit them
on you
whenever the fuck
you decide
to come back

12 de febrero de 2015

the damage is done

you lied to me
to hurt the one you loved
and you came back to me

you do hurt
and you do lie
and i join the dots
and nothing
makes sense

once they have
broken you
that many times
you can't feel the pain
at all
or you feel every time
they have hurt you
at the same time

10 de febrero de 2015

boulevard of broken dreams

should i feel bad
for you
not feeling bad?

should i leave
or should i stay?

i must get ready
for the storm
of desolation
that will destroy
my life
when you
walk out

i'm not saying
i wasn't your
for me
you were
and endless ocean
i lost myself into

9 de febrero de 2015

i'll ruin you

you are too far
from my thoughts
but the smell
of your
beating blood
is underneath my skin

you went to
you shouldn't had been in
and you took pieces
you do not
and you made yourself
a space where
times does not passes
because i do not longer
those missing parts
and i can't
go on

8 de febrero de 2015

bright water or you

look at me
but do it when my heart is broken
and you can't see anything but my pain

look at me 
but don't do it when i smile
because you could think i am happy

look at me
but do it when i am angry
so you can feel the flame of my words

look at me
but don't do it if i'm bored
i want you to see the sparks in my eyes
when i'm loving what i'm doing

and what i love
right now
are your eyes
radiating curiosity
while you look at me
as you were admiring
the starry night

7 de febrero de 2015

hielo en los ojos

Luces en mi mente,
caos en mi interior.

Territorio perdido
de cuando éramos hostiles,
cuando una promesa significaba
el primer tiro,
o una palabra de aliento
la primera puñalada.

Y ahora,
una herida de guerra
que nunca se cura,
un charco vacío,
una lágrima ácida.

Lo que quedó encima
del colchón
al mezclarse
los besos
con las penas,
los susurros
y tus manos,
nuestros cuerpos,
el dolor
y tu cuello.

6 de febrero de 2015

the end is already here

how could you do that to me?
to leave me alone
replace me
with every person
you once said
you din't

what did i do to you?
what did it make you feel
like i am
not longer
worthy enough
to lose your time
on me?

why would you
make me believe
that you love me
when you were
touching my skin
and thinking about
someone else?

4 de febrero de 2015

not a constant

time and places
and words unspoken
and the burns in my lungs
of breathing the same air as
they leave wounds
on the corner
of my mouth

the sorrow of my throat
is begging me
to shout your name
to the sky
and to the sea
because one of this
waves on the night tide
may bring you back