26 de diciembre de 2014

wait for me to come home

I don't even know anymore
if I should trust my head
or I should let myself go
with my heart.

And I don't know if I miss
the blue sky and the birds
singing our names
like a song.

Or maybe it's the rain and
the salty smell and the
grooves of my tears
on my pillow.

Today I just can remember 
the warmth of your laugh
and the sweetness
of your heart.

21 de diciembre de 2014

love when it's torture

I heard me cry today, I heard the anger.
And you know well you hurt me 
                                           (you did)
and you hurt me again
                                        (more than once)
and again
                                         (I'm still here)
and I know you will keep trying it,
but I wasn't crying over you.
                                       (please darling, don't be offended)
I felt wrong when I realized
I've been wasting my tears 
for the wrong person.
                                       (because it's not about you)

3 de diciembre de 2014

tie my heart strings

you did
let me go
a long ago
when I was
chained around you
and you had
pressed to
my neck
and I thought
I might die
but I saw
the reflection
of my tears
in your eyes
and I realized
the sun dies
every night
just like us.