26 de noviembre de 2014


and fear and
 loss and darkness and 
nightmares and
                                                                               fire and ice and
                                         death and pain
                                               and emptiness                      
despair and
                                                               torture and vulnerability. 


19 de noviembre de 2014

one, two, three, drink

I like when the rain touches my face gently.
I love the sound of the sea getting close to me.
I like sweet taste in my mouth.
I love when I look up at the sky and it sees me.
I like the smell of coffee on cold Saturday mornings.

And I'm afraid when the sun goes down,
when there's an unstoppable storm,
when I can see there's no light at all, 
and I'm afraid of the cold side of the bed.

14 de noviembre de 2014

spaces between us keep getting deeper

I'm not the only one breathing fire.
Or getting lost between my cold sheets.
Right now your pain is stuck in my chest.
My eyes are burning without letting a tear fall.
I'm paralyzed, not able to move or to give a step back.
I'm tied down to your anchor, in the loneliest corner of the ocean.